Saturday, August 6, 2011

An Update

As many of you know, The Great Affairs has been rather inactive over the last few months. This is due in part to our lengthy stint through Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia (after all, who can consistently write such excellent cultural essays when there is Bun Bo to be eaten and Muay Thai Boxing to be watched?) Fortunately, all that is about to change. Our four months is up and we are finally on our way to the chilly streets of Edinburgh.

With our move comes a change to The Great Affairs. We're opening the blog up to other writers with travel stories to tell. Each month will feature a new writer with tales of adventure and discovery and their photos and biographies will be permanently stored on our contributor page. When we have a fancy backlog stored up, these pieces will be collected, categorised and uploaded onto The Great Affairs website! A new and upcoming quarterly travel journal featuring writers and images from all over the world.

Never fear, we will still be writing the zany, eye-opening articles you've come to expect. We've just decided to share the fun.

If you, dear readers, have a piece you think we'd like to take a look at then please paste it into an email and send it to We will be reading for our bumper first issue (expected in 2012) until early November.

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